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NHS Northamptonshire's Stop Smoking Service offers free advice and support to help you stop smoking.




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Find your nearest stop smoking clinic

Clinics are provided across the county on almost everyday of the week. To find your nearest clinic contact us on 0845 601 3116 alternatively email on stating your name and contact number.

Would you like to receive stop smoking support in your workplace?
Over the last year we have run several workplace groups with great success. Groups run for 7 weeks and are led by a Stop Smoking Specialist. During the sessions employees are given advice regarding the process of giving up and the NRT products available. The group setting provides an ideal environment for all quitters to share experiences and concerns with others in a similar situation. Workplace groups often benefit from greater companionship and rapport between group members, as bonds often already exist. If you are an employer wishing to set up your own group or a member of staff who would like to suggest this at your own workplace then contact us today and we can advise and support you in setting this up.

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