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"Attending the smoking clinic is one of the best things we have done. We have not smoked for 6 weeks and in such a short time my skin feels better, I can breath better and my taste buds are coming back and food tastes so much better, not only that we have saved £420.00 by not buying cigarettes. That's £420 towards our holiday in the USA. Our only regret is that we didn't go to the smoking clinic years ago."

Reg and Rita – Couple from Wellingborough received support together

"Attending a stop smoking group somewhere that's easy to access has been vital in helping me quit."

Elizabeth, 67, Northampton

"The key to helping me stop smoking has been the support from someone that will not judge me."

Gordon, 48, Corby

"My main motivation for wanting to stop smoking was my children – 3 year old and 5 year old Ruben and Rosie. I didn't want to keep hiding my smoking from them and so I joined the group set up at work. I've found having support at work really helpful as there are other people in your situation who you know – its also really convenient and easy having the support on your doorstop as I know I definitely wouldn't have gone outside of work. The support has been brilliant and there is always help and contact available if you need it. I feel much more relaxed around my children since quitting and have also noticed that I am cycling to work much quicker. My advice for other people wanting to stop is if you've tried before and not been successful it doesn't mean that's it. I had 2 failed attempts before I joined the group and this time it worked."

Daniel Baines, 38, Northampton (Has quit for 72 days and received free stop smoking support at his workplace)

"Before attending the group I'd been smoking for 44 years and had got down to 5 a day bit at peak times I was a 20 a day smoker. Having a group so close to my home made it much easier and I liked the association with the Cobblers. One of the first team players came to speak to us during the sessions and gave us some great encouragement to us. The best part of attending this group was meeting others in the same position that want to quit. I have noticed the benefits already – my breathing has improved and my blood pressure has also reduced… not to mention the fact I'm not spending so much money."

Tom Keyes, Northampton (Received support at one of stop smoking groups held at the Cobblers football ground)

"My advisor suggested the patches and inhalators which helped me to quit which have helped to stop the cravings. Having support at work has been great and our advisor was very friendly and supportive. My family are over the moon and I have already saved a considerable amount of money. My advice to others is… Have a go at quitting, you may be surprised at how successful you are."

Audrey Peters – received support at work

"I used the money I saved to go on holiday... My partner and I completely redecorated our house so it doesn't smell of smoke anymore… Receiving so much support from my local NHS Stop Smoking Service has inspired me to encourage my friends to stop smoking too!"


If you have quit smoking and would like to tell your story, we would love to hear from you. Call us on 0845 601 3116 or email

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